Dhanmondi Lake – Unparalleled Beauty in Rainy Season

Bangladesh – a wonderful small but green country. Dhaka is the capital city of her. Life is busy here. But the people by nature wait eagerly to have some free moments to go to the green. As Bangladesh tourism is developing day by day, there are some green even in the crowded city. Today I am introducing ‘Dhanmondi Lake’ as one of Bangladesh tourist attractions situated in the heart of this metropolitan city Dhaka. The inhabitants of this city jumps there during Bangladesh holidays. Even it attracts the tourists from the whole country as well as the other countries of the world while visiting Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Photo credit: Monirul Alom

Dhanmondi Lake
It is said that Dhanmondi lake was a abandoned canal of a river named Caravan in Karwanbazar once upon a time. Time passed and so much water flown through many rivers, but there is no trace of the river Caravan now. Hence, the abandoned canal still exists and at last Dhanmondi lake is a wonderful piece of green with eye-catching scenic beauty and full of lives.

It is only three kilometers long. The lake is surrounded by green. Various kinds of flowers are blown here and there by the side of the lake. Especially in rainy season, the lake teems with water. There are nicely planned walkways at the banks and bridges over the water. Thousands of nature loving people come here everyday to take a breath of life in nature and to get rid of the tire of metropolitan life.

Photo credit: Monirul Alom
 Special Attractions
  • The lake, the green, fresh air and various kinds of flowers blown by the side of the lake are the main attraction to the nature loving people.
  • Nicely planned walkways at the banks and bridges over the water let an extra opportunity to observe the scenic beauty of the lake.
  • The lake teems with water in the rainy season is charming.
  • Arrangement of boating in the lake to have fun for the visitors.

Best time to visit
All the year round. But from my personal view, March to October (specially the Rainy Season) is the best time.

Lastly, I have to say, no word is enough to describe the beauty. So, step out from home and visit Bangladesh. Keep in touch with us; we’ll keep our efforts to let you know all about Bangladesh.

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