Tangua Hawor : Region of water

Tangua hawor is situated at Dharmapasha and Tahirpur upozila in Sunamganj District. The way to Tangua hawor is tough. But at the end, you must forget the tiredness of the journey when you will see the face of that hawor. To the north up to the eyesight there are hills of Meghalaya playing with clouds. In rest three sides there is water and water up to the horizon and nothing else. Oh yes! There is also chattering and tweeting of various birds. Around more than 50 types of birds are available here. These are both native and foreign. Various types of fishes in flocks are visible here through the clear water. To see the movement and swimming of fishes through clear blue water is an amazing thing. To swim with fishes in that water is also a wonderful experience. 

On the way to Tangua hawor, you have to cross some small hawors also. There are little villages to and fro in those small hawors. While going to Tangua hawor, you may have a look in those villages. In rainy season, as the hawors become filled with water, those small villages look like isolated island in water. Most of the people of those villages are poor. But if you go to any village, the hospitality of those poor people will fascinate you. Different types of delicious fishes are available here. It is quite possible that most of you have never heard the names of most of the available fishes. You can manage to have test of fresh fishes here.

After travelling around 6 hours by engine boat starting from Shaheb Bari Ghat at Sunamganj, you may reach the portion of Tangua Hawor where the water is most clear. This portion is at Tekerghat, near the last border of Bangladesh. There you will have an opportunity to see natural garden or forest under water.

The beauty of Tangua hawor cannot be described in words. Beauty of endless blue clear water, lots of birds in the sky and water, swimming of fishes in flocks, the simplicity of the inhabitants of villages in hawor area, the life of fishermen, the children of water, natural garden under clear water etc. as a whole has a different language. Here the broadness of nature is found easily. These beauties broaden the mind of the visitors. 

You may visit the hawor during full moon. In that case you certainly will have an unforgettable experience. The beauty of endless blue water of this hawor in the light of full moon will enchant you. The stars in the sky will accompany you to observe and enjoy the beauty.

You also may stay in boat at night. If so, then you can enjoy the scene during the sunset and sunrise staying at the middle of the Hawor and those will be a great experience for you as hawor looks so heavenly at those moments.

In winter, water of this hawor decreases. At that time this hawor is one of the mentionable destinations of around 200 types of foreign migrating birds. In rainy season and autumn, visitors come here to enjoy the reign of water with fishes and birds etc. But in winter, visitors come here to see the hawor full of migrating guest birds.

Tangua hawor is announced as Ecologically Critical Region by the government of Bangladesh in 1999 thinking of it's critical situation caused by over-exploitation of it's natural resources. In 2000, the Tangua hoar basin has been reported as Ramsar site, globally significant wetland. After that announcement, Bangladesh government is doing their best to preserve it's natural resources and considered various steps regarding protection of this wetland. Tangua haor performs a significant role in producing fish as a 'mother fishery' of Bangladesh.

How to go
Buses are available from Dhaka to Sunamganj. Then you are to go to Shaheb Bari Ghat (in front of the house of Hason Raja) by rickshaw or Auto rickshaw. From there you have to hire engine boat. Engine boats are available here. In this way it is possible to go Tangua Hawor up to November as the water decreases after that time. But in winter, Engine boats are not available from Shaheb Bari Ghat. At that time you will have to go to Tahirpur or Tekerghat by motorbike or auto rickshaw from Sunamganj.

Where to stay
There is no arrangement to stay in Tangua Hawor. You may stay in Sunamganj if you have a plan of a short visit. But to enjoy properly, you will need more time. In that case you may stay in the govt. rest house in Tahirpur. You also may stay in boat at night. If you choose to stay in boat at night or you hire a boat for more time, you should purchase your necessary things and goods before starting from Sunamganj. The boatmen can manage cooking.

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