Srimangal : Region of Tea

Srimangal is famous for tea garden. Most of the tea gardens of Bangladesh are in Moulovibazar and the major portion of them are in Srimangal. Usually tea leaves have been collected from May to October. At that time the gardens become green, vigorous, luxuriant, and diligent. So to enjoy the natural beauty of green tea garden and to observe the diligence of tea workers in the curves of hills and hillocks, that is the best time.

Cha Konna

You may start visiting tea garden of Srimangal by seeing the sculpture named ‘Cha-Konna’ which means Daughter of Tea. This sculpture is of a young lady tea worker collecting tea leaves. This white sculpture situated on the entrance of Srimangal which attracts everybody. In front of that sculpture, there is Saatgaon tea garden with a large vast area. You may enjoy it also.

From there Srimangal is not so far. Leaving behind this little town, Srimangal, there is Bangladesh Tea Research Institute (BTRI), Finlay tea garden, BTRI tea garden, Tea Resort at Vanugach, Zerin tea garden etc. There is another tea garden named Nurjahan Tea Estate and some other tea gardens near Lawachora. 

Komolganj, another upozila of Moulovibazar, is 12 kilometers away from Srimangal and on the way there is Lawachora National Garden/Forest. After 5 kilometers from Komolganj there is Madhobpur Lake. This lake is in a tea garden surrounded by hillocks. You may go to Madhobpur Lake seeing tea gardens. In this case you have to hire a jeep.

From Madhobpur Lake, a road goes to Dholai border. Up to that border of Bangladesh, there are only tea gardens at the both side of the road. At the border there is a BGB post. Beside that post there is the Memorial of Birsreshtho Hamidur Rahman. You may return Srimangal seeing tea gardens through another way. 

After the tour, you may have a cup of ‘Seven Colored Tea’ in Nilkantha Kebin. In Srimangal there is a branch of Nilkantha Kebin  beside the BGB headquarter.

Necessary Information:
You may enjoy the natural beauty of tea gardens while traveling by roads through the gardens. But if you want to enter into a garden, you have to take permission from the authority of the respective garden. To visit inside the gardens you will need to hire a jeep.

You may hire a jeep from the base station you stay or from Srimangal. In Srimangal, jeeps are available to hire and the drivers of those jeeps are familiar to the tea gardens.  

There are many places to stay at Srimangal. Hotels, Motels, Resorts and Rest Houses are available there. Rest Houses in various tea gardens and Resorts in wonderful locations having wonderful facilities in Srimangal will make your tour more comfortable and your visit will be more memorable with excellent experience. Grand Sultan Tea Resort and Golf may be one of your best choice to stay there.

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