Bangladesh : An Overview

Bangladesh is a small country situated in south-east Asia. Its area is small but geographically and naturally it is one of the most beautiful countries of the world. Bangladesh is a riverine country. Hundreds of rivers are scattered all around the country. And Bangladesh is the largest Delta Island of the world. There is a nice variation in land types of Bangladesh. Bangladesh has vast plain lands, huge low land covered with water in rainy season, beautiful hilly area, gorgeous forest and not the least the stunning longest sea beach of the world.

But the beauty of Bangladesh doesn’t limited to those. In a word, Bangladesh is all along beautiful. It’s vast plain paddy fields, graceful rivers and river sides, the green villages, various types of trees-birds-animals, it’s flora and fauna, many historical land marks and above all the heartiness to accept guests always remind someone the enchanting beaty of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is a country of six seasons i.e. Winter (Dec-Jan), spring (Feb-Mar), Summer (Apr-May), Monsoon (June-July), Autumn (Aug-Sep) and Late Autumn (Oct-Nov). Every season has a different face and the nature decorate itself in a different look. Each of them is differently attractive. While visiting Bangladesh, someone will discover a different Bangladesh in each season by the grace of mesmeric nature.

The unbound natural beautry is seen in the largest mangrove forest in the world and the natural habitat of the Royal Bengal Tiger‘The Sundarbans Forest, the longest (120 km) unbroken natural sea beach of the world ‘Cox’s Bazar’, a small coral island with wonderful natural beauty in the sea Bay of Bengal -St. Martin's Island’ the tribal life and scenic beauty of hilly area in Rangamati, Khagrachori, Bandarbans, the land of Two leaves and bud with green tea gardens on hills and vast unexplored low lands under water i.e. ‘Tangua Haor’ etc. in Sylhet, Moulovibazar, Sunamganj and Hobiganj, one of the most beautiful natural romantic sea-beach in the world from where both sunrise and sunset from the same spot is seen is the daughter of the sea ‘Kuakata’ and many more. In the rainy season the whole of Bangladesh turns into a natural wonder.

Except those, There are many historical land marks i.e. Sonargaon, the ancient capital of Bengal, ‘Mainamati’, the sign of ancient Buddhist civilization, a mid-15th century archeological and historical sign Sixty Tomb Mosque’, ‘Mahasthangarh- Paharpur Buddhist Monastery’, ‘Kantajee's Temple and so on.

Lastly but not the least, Bangladesh is a dauther of nature. To enjoy the natural beauty of Bangladesh, one need not to go to far. Natural beaties are scattered all around the country. Just to wish to enjoy is enough. In this regard, famous poet Robindranath Tagore wrote in his famous verse:

"Bahu din dhore, bahu krosh durey
Bahu byay kori, bahu desh ghurey
Dekhite giyachi porbotmala,
Dekhite giyachi Sindhu.
Dekha hoy nai chokkhu melia
Ghar hote shudhu dui pa felia
Ekti dhaner shisher upore ekti shishir bindu"

["I traveled miles, for many a year.
I spent a lot in lands afar,
I've gone to see the mountains, the oceans I've been to view.
But I haven't seen with these eyes
Just two steps from my home lies
On a sheaf of paddy grain, a glistening drop of dew"]
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Dhanmondi Lake – Unparalleled Beauty in Rainy Season

Bangladesh – a wonderful small but green country. Dhaka is the capital city of her. Life is busy here. But the people by nature wait eagerly to have some free moments to go to the green. As Bangladesh tourism is developing day by day, there are some green even in the crowded city. Today I am introducing ‘Dhanmondi Lake’ as one of Bangladesh tourist attractions situated in the heart of this metropolitan city Dhaka. The inhabitants of this city jumps there during Bangladesh holidays. Even it attracts the tourists from the whole country as well as the other countries of the world while visiting Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Photo credit: Monirul Alom

Dhanmondi Lake
It is said that Dhanmondi lake was a abandoned canal of a river named Caravan in Karwanbazar once upon a time. Time passed and so much water flown through many rivers, but there is no trace of the river Caravan now. Hence, the abandoned canal still exists and at last Dhanmondi lake is a wonderful piece of green with eye-catching scenic beauty and full of lives.

It is only three kilometers long. The lake is surrounded by green. Various kinds of flowers are blown here and there by the side of the lake. Especially in rainy season, the lake teems with water. There are nicely planned walkways at the banks and bridges over the water. Thousands of nature loving people come here everyday to take a breath of life in nature and to get rid of the tire of metropolitan life.

Photo credit: Monirul Alom
 Special Attractions
  • The lake, the green, fresh air and various kinds of flowers blown by the side of the lake are the main attraction to the nature loving people.
  • Nicely planned walkways at the banks and bridges over the water let an extra opportunity to observe the scenic beauty of the lake.
  • The lake teems with water in the rainy season is charming.
  • Arrangement of boating in the lake to have fun for the visitors.

Best time to visit
All the year round. But from my personal view, March to October (specially the Rainy Season) is the best time.

Lastly, I have to say, no word is enough to describe the beauty. So, step out from home and visit Bangladesh. Keep in touch with us; we’ll keep our efforts to let you know all about Bangladesh.

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Dulahazra Safari Park, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

Dulahazra Safari Park includes a wide variety of wild animals living in a quasi-natural environment that allows visitors to see them freely.

Dulahazra Safari Park, Safari Park, Bangladesh, Beautiful Bangladesh, Tourist attractions of Bangladesh, Visit Bangladesh,

It has begun in 1999 on the grounds of a deer-breeding center with a view to save wildlife by captive breeding. Here the nature loving people may have a chance to view wildlife in a natural habitat.

Dulahazra Safari Park, Safari Park, Bangladesh, Beautiful Bangladesh, Tourist attractions of Bangladesh, Visit Bangladesh,Area of this Safari Park is 900 hectares.

Bangabandhu Safari Park, formerly known as Dulahazra Safari Park is situated at Hargoza-Dulahazra union of Chokoria upozila in Cox’s Bazar district of Bangladesh. It is at the north of Cox’s Bazar on the Chittagong-Cox’s Bazar Highway.
Dulahazra Safari Park, Safari Park, Bangladesh, Beautiful Bangladesh, Tourist attractions of Bangladesh, Visit Bangladesh, 

Habitat, Flora & Fauna
Dulahazra Safari Park, Safari Park, Bangladesh, Beautiful Bangladesh, Tourist attractions of Bangladesh, Visit Bangladesh,The Park houses variety of animals including the Bengal Tiger, Lion, Deer (Samber, Spotted and Hog), Goyal, Bear, Elephant and Crocodiles. It has huge varieties of trees, shrubby plants, bamboo, climbers and a large orchid house with colorful collection of orchids. It is a wonderful sanctuary for wildlife and migrating guest birds in Bangladesh.

Outstanding Features
  • Visitor information center & a natural history museum.
  • A large orchid house.
  • Observation tower and minibus ride through the Park.
Dulahazra Safari Park, Safari Park, Bangladesh, Beautiful Bangladesh, Tourist attractions of Bangladesh, Visit Bangladesh,
Nature Interpretation Center is another attractive attraction of this park. You may enjoy the excitement of an artificial dense forest if you go into it.

There are few murals at the entrance of this Park. A gigantic dinosaur is one of them that may jog your memory of the Ancient times of the world.
Dulahazra Safari Park, Safari Park, Bangladesh, Beautiful Bangladesh, Tourist attractions of Bangladesh, Visit Bangladesh,

Getting There
Road communications are good from both Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar City. Around 2.5 hours is required to go there from Chittagong and around 1.5 hours from Cox’s Bazar. You may avail local buses or you may rent microbus to get there.

Dulahazra Safari Park, Safari Park, Bangladesh, Beautiful Bangladesh, Tourist attractions of Bangladesh, Visit Bangladesh,
AC & Non-AC bus services as well as Air services are available from Dhaka-Chittagong and Dhaka-Cox’s Bazar. You also may avail train service from Dhaka to Chittagong.

Places to stay and Eat
The Park has good accommodation for visitors to stay at night, although prior permission is required. Excellent lodging and food facilities are also available in Cox’s Bazar and Chittagong.

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Ahsan Manzil, Dhaka, Bangladesh : An Attractive Historical Sign in Dhaka

Ahsan Manzil is one of the most attractive historical sign in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. It is a wonderful tourist spot of Bangladesh in the capital city. Ahsan Manzil is situated on the bank of the river Buriganga at Islampur Kumartuli in old Dhaka. It was the official residential palace and the collectorate of the Nawab Family of Dhaka. This well planned and well decorated magnificent building was constructed in the Indo-Saracenic Revival architecture from 1859-1869 A.D. and it is one of the top most significant architectural sign of Dhaka. To conserve the history and culture of this locality, the government of Bangladesh is preserving this palace as ‘Ahsan Manzil Museum since September 20, 1992 and made it open for all. 

Ahsan Manzil, Dhaka, Bangladesh, visit bangladesh, tourist spot of bangladesh,

The palace Ahsan Manzil is a two storied building. It is divided into two parts - 1.Rangmahal, the eastern building with the dome and 2.Andarmahal, the western side with the living rooms. The high octagonal dome is on the central round room. There are large drawing room, library, card room, state room and two other guest rooms in the eastern portion of the palace. There is ballroom, the Hindustani room and some residential rooms in the western portion. The drawing room and the Jalsaghar are decorated with a beautiful artificial ceiling made of wood. A grand dining hall and some smaller rooms are in the west part. Nice white, green and yellow colored ceramic tiles decorate the floors of the dining and Darbar Halls. The famous store-room, where Nawabs used to store their valuables, was in the middle of the five rooms located in the western half of the ground floor. 

Ahsan Manzil, Dhaka, Bangladesh, visit bangladesh, tourist spot of bangladesh,

Khaja Alimullah, father of Nawab Abdul Gani, purchased this khuthi (trading house) from the French in 1830 and after some renovation work made it their resident. Later Nawab Abdul Gani reconstructed the palace and named it as ‘Ahsan Manzil’ on his beloved son Ahsan Ullah in 1869.

More than 4000 signs are collected and being displayed in Ahsan manzil Museum. These are being displayed in 23 rooms out of 31 in Rangmahal. Among those, 9 rooms are arranged according to photos captured in 1904.

Spectacular Things in the Museum

Gallery 1
The brief description of Ahsan Manzil presented with photographs and pictures. There is a model of the building also.

Gallery 2
Evolution of the building ‘Ahsan Manzil’ is displayed with photographs here. There are Samples of cut-glass and Chandelier also.

Gallery 3
It is the Royal Gala dining room. Cupboard, mirrors, glass and clay crocks obtained from Ahsan Manzil are displayed here.

Gallery 4
Large wooden stairs. Skeleton of Elephant head. Armour and sword. Original specimen of wooden fence.

Gallery 5
Armours and swords.

Gallery 6
Various Instruments and Registers used in Ahsan Ullah Memorial Hospital are displayed here.

Gallery 7
This large room was used as Darbar Hall. Oil paintings of all India Muslim leaders who came to join Shahbag Conference to form Muslim league in 1906 are being displayed in this gallery. Additionally, an octagonal table gifted to the Nawab of Dhaka from Italy is also being displayed here.

Gallery 8
Horns of various kinds of animals collected from Edward House. Various Sports Equipment of the then indoor and outdoor games.

Gallery 9
Large iron chests and wooden cupboards of Royal period.

Gallery 10
There are large cupboards, clay crocks which are signs of Nawab period.

Gallery 11
This gallery is arranged with portraits of eminent persons.

Gallery 12
This gallery is organized with the memory of Nawab Sir Salimullah.

Gallery 13
This gallery has been decorated with portraits of Royal contemporary great men.

Gallery 14, 15, 16 & 17
These are the Hindustani room, main stairs, Library room and card room respectively.

Gallery 18 & 19
The symbols of Drinking Water Supply in Dhaka which were found in Ahsan Manzil and Edward House. There are also a few rare pictures of Dhaka Water Work.

Gallery 20 & 21
There was no electricity in Dhaka before 1901. Information about the arrangement of electricity by the Nawabs as well as clay crocks and flower vases of the royal period are being dispayed here.

Gallery 22
This gallery is in the first floor. Arms got from Ahsan Manzil are being displayed here. The high dome is located over this room.

Gallery 22
It was a Ballroom. It has been arranged according to pictures taken in 1904.

How to Go
Direct Bus service is available from Gulistan of Dhaka city. Private Car, Auto Rickshow, Taxi etc. are also available to go there.

Visiting Hours of Ahsan Manzil Museum

Summer time (April-September)
  • Saturday to Wednesday: 10.30 am – 05.30 pm
  • Friday: 03.00 pm – 07.30 pm
  • Thursday: Closed
  • Other Government Holidays: Closed

Winter time (October-March)
  • Saturday to Wednesday: 09.30 am – 04.30 pm
  • Friday: 02.30 pm – 07.30 pm
  • Thursday: Closed
  • Other Government Holidays: Closed

Entrance fee of Ahsan Manzil
  • For Locals: 5 TK
  • For Foreigners: 75 TK

Ticket Counter
Ticket counter of this museum is situated at the eastern side of the palace beside the gate. The rooms being used as ticket counter were the barrack of soldiers and guard rooms of this palace.

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Birishiri, Golden River Sumeswari in Sushang Durgapur, Netrakona, Bangladesh.

Golden River Sumeswari is at Birishiri of Durgapur upozila in Netrakona district of Bangladesh. There are many things to attract the visitors in Birishiri, Durgapur. But the golden river Sumeswari, beauty of Garo hills, colors of the hills of China clay are exceptional.

While going to visit there, just before the upozila headquarters of Durgapur, it is Birishiri. In Birishiri, there is Birishiri Tribal Cultural Academy. A little bit away, there is a bridge near Durgapur upozila headquarters. From that bridge, stare at left. Yes! That is Sumeswari River calling you. In rainy season, this river gets her youth. In winter, water decreases. But at that time field of golden color sands are seen in both side of the river. Meghalaya Hills in India is also seen slightly shadowy in long distance. Standing on that bridge, you can see all these things.

To visit attractive places in Durgapur and Birishiri, you may hire a motorbike or rickshaw. Then you may go to the bank of the river Sumeswari. There, the golden sands are waiting to charm you. It is notable that these sands are not only charming to see but also of high quality to make buildings. So aggression of machine is so high now a days there. Coal and stones also come through this river. In winter, lots of laborers work here from morning to evening to collect them. At that time, the water of that river becomes very clear and greenish in color. While crossing the river, the bottom of the river glittering with the ray of light in various designs is seen.

Hills of china clay are another attraction of Birishiri. After crossing the river, it takes around half an hour by motorbike to go to those hills. Those hills are of amazing colors i.e. pink, red, violet, purple etc. From the pick of the hills, houses of tribal people are seen scattered here and there. These houses are of special style of construction.

From hills of china clay, you may go to Ranikong Mission. That mission is also on a hill. Church, convent etc. are in that mission. From that hill, to see the glittering golden river is very enchanting.

Once upon a time, Durgapur was the place of Sushang King. So this place is called Sushsng Durgapur. This place is also renowned for Comrade Moni Singh, leader of Tonk movement. Noted here that, In Durgapur there are residence of Garo, Hajong, Kotch tribes.

How to go:
Direct bus is available to go to Dhaka to Birishiri or Sushang Durgapur. You also may go to Mymensingh by bus or by intercity train and then to Birishiri by bus. Local train I  s also available from Mymensingh to Jaria and then, from there, motorbike or auto rickshaw or rickshaw van is available to go to Birishiri. To roam inside Birishiri and Durgapur, you may hire motorbike or rickshaw.

Where to stay:
You may visit Birishiri making Mymensingh as your base station. In that case you may stay in Mymensingh and many standard hotels and rest houses are available in Mymensingh. But if you wish to visit Birishiri taking enough time, you may stay in Birishiri also. In Birishiri, you may stay in the rest house of Tribal Cultural Academy or YMCA or YWCA. But in that case, you have to contact them prior to start for there.
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Parki Sea Beach in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Beautiful Bangladesh has many beautiful places to visit. Among them, one of the most charming sea beaches is Parki sea beach situated in Chittagong District. A wonderful thing is that this sea beach is in a delta in Karnafuli River. Distance between Chittagong Metropolitan city and this beach is around 28-30 kilometers. And distance between Dhaka and this beach is around 250 kilometers. If you go there, you will have an opportunity to see the sea named Bay of Bengal as well as the river Karnafuli at a time. Yes, from this beach in the channel of river Karnafuli, to see those two things together is an amazing experience. This beach is very nice to be there and to see there. 

Parki sea beach, Bangladesh, tourist spots in Bangladesh,
Sunset in Parki sea beach
Main attraction here is sandy sea beach having 15 kilometers length and 350 feet width. To see ship port and outer anchorage where big ships are anchored is excellent. Moreover, Jhaw forest, fishing in sea, sunset in sea, various colorful crabs moving around the beach will charm you. In pick season, this place becomes a picnic spot and lots of tourists forgather here to observe the beauty of nature.
Parki sea beach, Bangladesh, tourist spots in Bangladesh,
Sandy beach

How to go:
If you want to go to Chittagong by bus, you may avail A/c and non A/c buses from Dhaka. Buses are also available to go to Chittagong from Divisional city Sylhet and other cities and districts of Bangladesh. An international and domestic airport is also in Chittagong. Moreover, you can go to Chittagong by railway from Capital city Dhaka, Divisional city Sylhet and many other cities and districts of Bangladesh. From Chittagong, you may avail Taxi or hire a jeep to go for a visit to Parki sea beach.

Parki sea beach, Bangladesh, tourist spots in Bangladesh,
Jhau forest in Parki beach

Where to stay:
Many lodges, hotels, motels, rest houses which are of 5 stars, 3 stars, ordinary and economy classes are there to stay in Chittagong. Tourists have the opportunity to choose their accommodation according to their ability, budget and necessity. At the pick season, holidays and festive periods, lots of people who visit the surrounding tourist spots come to these hotels, motels and rest houses for accommodation.
Parki sea beach, Bangladesh, tourist spots in Bangladesh,
Nice view in Parki beach
Marine sea food (shrimp, fried crab, lobster, rupchanda etc.) are available. You may have Bangladeshi, European, Chinese, Oriental food in restaurants of Chittagong.

Best time to visit:
All around the year.

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